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Confederate Military History
Confederate Navy

This set was written by distinguished men of the South, producing a work which truly portrays the times and issues of the Confederacy. It was edited by Gen. Clement A. Evans of Georgia.

Two volumes--the first and the last--comprise such subjects as the justification of the Southern States in seceding from the Union and the honorable conduct of the war by the Confederate States government; the history of the actions and concessions of the South in the formation of the Union and its policy in securing the existing magnificent territorial dominion of the United States; the civil history of the Confederate States, supplemented with sketches of the President, Vice-President, cabinet officers and other officials of the government; Confederate naval history; the morale of the armies; the South since the war, and a connected outline of events from the beginning of the struggle to its close. We have combined these two volumes into one "Causes of the War" volume.

There are also individual volumes for each state: Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia,Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas & Florida. An additional volume covers the Confederate Navy.

Each state being treated in a separate history allows space for details concerning its peculiar story, its own devotion, its own heroes, and its battlefields. These volumes contain information on each unit; where, when, and by whom the unit was formed. There are also some Rosters.

Table of Contents


CHAPTER I. Personnel of the Confederate Navy--Injustice of the Federal Naval Secretary--Sacrifices of the Confederate Naval Officers 3

CHAPTER II. The Genesis of the Confederate Navy--Organization of the Navy Department--Assignment of Officers--Early Operations in Virginia Waters 8

CHAPTER III. Hollins' Attack on the United States Vessels at the "Head of the Passes"--Hatteras Inlet--Hilton Head --Battle of Roanoke Island--Elizabeth City 15

CHAPTER IV. The James River Squadron--Evacuation of the Norfolk Navy Yard by the Federals--Construction of the Merrimac--Officers of the Merrimac--The Patrick Henry, Jamestown, Teaser, Beaufort and Raleigh 28

CHAPTER V. Battle of Hampton Roads--Sinking of the Cumberland--Destruction of the Congress--The Work of the Wooden Gunboats 36

CHAPTER VI. Battle of the Merrimac and the Monitor--The Monitor Declines a Renewal of Combat--Evacuation of Norfolk--Destruction of the Merrimac--Battle of Drewry's Bluff 47

CHAPTER VII. The Mississippi River Fleet--Defenses of New Orleans--Farragut Runs the River Forts--Part of the Navy in the Combat 55

CHAPTER VIII. The Ram Arkansas--Her Completion on the Yazoo River--Her Daring Dash through the Federal Fleet 63

CHAPTER IX. The Ironclads Palmetto State and Chicora-- Their Fight off Charleston--Attack on Fort Sumter--Torpedo Expeditions--The Ram Atlanta 67

CHAPTER X. Capture of the Satellite and Reliance--Torpedo Attack on the U.S. Ironclad New Ironsides--Capture of the U. S. S. Underwriter--Torpedo Attack on the U. S. S. Minnesota--Capture of the U. S. S. Waterwitch 74

CHAPTER XI. The Ram Albemarle--Her Battles and Victories-Wreck of the Raleigh 81

CHAPTER XII. Defense of Mobile Bay--The Ram Tennessee-Her Gallant Battle with Farragut's Fleet--First Attack on Fort Fisher 86

CHAPTER XIII. Operations on the James River, 1864-65-- Attempted Expedition against City Point--The Naval Brigade-The Ram Webb 92

CHAPTER XIV. The Confederate Naval Academy--The Corps of Instructors--Splendid Service of the Midshipmen-- Character of the Young Officers 96

CHAPTER XV. The Cruisers---Their Status in War 99

CHAPTER XVI. Conclusion--The Confederate States Ironclad Fleet--Memorable Achievements 107 APPENDIX. Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Navy of the Confederate States of America, to January 1, 1864 110

Confederate Military History

Confederate Navy
Vol. 17
Capt. William Harwar Parker
186 pgs.

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