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Virginia Civil War Soldiers Service Records

This CD contains service records of Virginia soldiers. The information is gathered from various sources and includes information from the microfilm rolls as well as a number of published sources.

On this CD you will find information on approximately 283,000 men who served in the war from Virginia. The Virginia Civil War Soldiers Index containing 283,000 names is included showing the units of service for each man and a bibliography of available books to aid in your research.

Many of the men included on this CD have biographical sketches, burial records, and genealogical information not found in the microfilmed service records.

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Sources used / incorporated on this CD.


  • Hotchkiss, Maj. Jed. Confederate Military History - Virginia Volume
  • Porter, John W. H. A Record of Events in Norfolk County, VA.
  • The Southern Historical Society Papers Vol. 15. This book is commonly referred to as The Appomattox Roster

  • Cemetery Records:

  • Confederate Dead of Canton, Mississippi
  • Sons of Union Veterans Graves Registration Database
  • Find A Grave
  • Compiled Service Records


    First Cavalry First Battalion, Cavalry Second Cavalry Third Cavalry (Second Virginia Cavalry) Fourth Cavalry Fifth Cavalry Fifth Cavalry (12 months, 1861-62) (Fourth Virginia Cavalry, Mullins1 Regiment) Sixth Cavalry Seventh Cavalry (Ashby's) Eighth Cavalry Ninth Cavalry (Johnson's Regiment) Tenth Cavalry Eleventh Cavalry Twelfth Cavalry (Tenth Virginia Cavalry) Volume: Reel 0063 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - VIRGINIA Thirteenth Cavalry (Sixteenth Battalion; Fifth Cavalry; 12 months, 1861-62) Fourteenth Cavalry; Fourteenth Battalion (Burroughs' Battalion), Cavalry Fifteenth Cavalry Fifteenth Battalion (Northern Neck Rangers; Critcher's Battalion, Virginia Cavalry), Cavalry Sixteenth Cavalry through Twenty-first Cavalry (Peters' Regiment) Twenty-second Cavalry (Bowen's Regiment, Virginia Mounted Riflemen) Twenty-third Cavalry Twenty-fourth Cavalry Twenty-fourth Battalion, Partisan Rangers (Scott's Battalion) Twenty-fifth Cavalry Twenty-sixth Cavalry Thirty-second Battalion, Cavalry Thirty-fourth Battalion (First Battalion, Virginia Mounted Rifles; Witcher's Battalion, Virginia Mounted Rifles), Cavalry Thirty-fifth Battalion, Cavalry Thirty-sixth Battalion, Cavalry Thirty-seventh Battalion (Dunn's Battalion, Partisan Rangers), Cavalry Thirty-ninth Battalion (Richardson's Battalion of Scouts; Guides and Couriers; Thirteenth Battalion, Cavalry) Fortieth Battalion, Cavalry Forty-first Battalion (White's), Cavalry Forty-sixth Battalion, Cavalry Forty-seventh Battalion, Cavalry Caldwell's Battalion, Cavalry Ferguson's Battalion (Guyandotte), Cavalry Hounshell's Battalion.(Partisan Rangers), Cavalry Mosby's Regiment (Partisan Rangers), Cavalry O'Ferrall's Battalion, Cavalry Swann's Battalion (Carpenter's Battalion), Cavalry Capt. Balfour's Co. (Mounted Riflemen) Capt. McFarlane's Co., Cavalry Capt. McNeill's Co. (Partisan Rangers), Cavalry Capt. Moorman's Co. (Greenbrier Cavalry), Cavalry Mounted Guard, 4th Congressional District, Virginia Patrol Guard, llth Congressional District (Mounted) Capt. St. Martin's Co., Mounted Riflemen Capt. Thurmond's Co. (Partisan Rangers), Cavalry Volume: Reel 0064 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - VIRGINIA First Artillery (Second Virginia Artillery) First light Artillery (Pendleton's Regiment) First Battalion (Hardaway's Battalion; Moseley's Battalion), light Artillery Second Artillery Third light Artillery (Local Defense) Twelfth Battalion, light Artillery Thirteenth Battalion, Light Artillery Eighteenth Battalion, Heavy Artillery Nineteenth Battalion (Atkinson's) Heavy Artillery Twentieth Battalion, Heavy Artillery Thirty-eighth Battalion (Read's), Light Artillery Capt. E. J. Anderson's Co., Light Artillery Capt. R. M. Anderson's Co. (First Co., Richmond Howitzers), Light Artillery Capt. Ancell's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Armistead's Co. (Matthew's Light Artillery) Capt. Barr's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Binford's Co. (Fourth Co., Richmond Howitzers), Volunteers Capt. Bowyer's Co. (Botetourt Artillery), Heavy Artillery Capt. Brander's Co. (Letcher Artillery) Light Artillery Capt. G. ¥. Brown's Co., Horse Artillery Capt. J. S. Brown's Co. (Wise Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Bryan's Co. (Bryan Artillery, Monroe Artillery) Capt. Carpenter's Co. (Alleghany Rough Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Carrington's Co. (Charlottesville Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. J. W. Carter's Co., Horse Artillery Capt. W. P. Carter's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Cayce's Co. (Purcell's Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. G. B. Chapman's Co. (Monroe Battery), Light Artillery Capt. W. H. Chapman's Co. (Capt. J. K. Booton's Co., Dixie Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Clutter's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Coffin's Co., Heavy Artillery Capt. Coleman's Co., Heavy Artillery Capt. Cooper's Co., Light Artillery Courtney Artillery (Henrico Artillery) Capt. Curtis' Co. (Fredericksburg Artillery) Capt. Cutshaw's Co. (Jackson Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Dance's Co. (Powhatan Artillery) Capt. Donald's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Douthat's Co. (Botetourt Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. J. ¥. Drewry's Co. (South Side Artillery) Capt. Ellett's Co. (Crenshaw's Battery), light Artillery Capt. Epes' Co. (Johnston's Artillery), Heavy Artillery Capfc. Fleet's Co. (Middlesex Artillery) Capt. Forrest's Co. (Chesapeake Artillery) Capt. French's Co. (McComas' Battery, Giles light Artillery) Capt. Fry's Co. (Orange Artillery), light Artillery Capt. Garber's Co. (Staunton Artillery), light Artillery Goochland light Artillery Capt. Archibald Graham's Co. (Rockbridge Artillery), light Artillery Capt. Ed-ward Graham's Co. (Petersburg Artillery), Horse Artillery Capt. Grandy's Co. (Norfolk light Artillery Blues) Capt. Griffin's Co. (Salem Flying Artillery), light Artillery Capt. Hankins' Co. (Surry light Artillery) Capt. Hardwicke's Co. (Lee Battery), light Artillery Capt. Huckstep's Co. (Fluvanna Artillery), light Artillery Capt. Jackson's Co., Horse Artillery (2d organization, 1863-65) Capt. Jeffress' Co. (Notto-way light Artillery) Capt. J. R. Jonson's light Artillery Capt. C. F. Johnston's Co. (Albemarle Artillery, Everett Artillery) Capt. A. J. Jones' Co. (Pamunkey Artillery), Heavy Artillery Capt. L. F. Jones Artillery (Second Co., Richmond Howitzers) Capt. King's Co. (Saltville Artillery), light Artillery Capt. Kevill's Co. (United Artillery) Capt. Kirkpatrick's,Co. (Amherst Artillery), light Artillery Capt. Kyle's Co., Heavy Artillery Capt. Lamkin's Co., light Artillery Capt. Lo-wry's Co. (Centreville Rifles), light Artillery Capt. Leake's Co. (Turner's Artillery), light Artillery Capt. Lurty's Co., Horse Artillery Capt. Montgomery's Co., light Artillery Capt. Moore's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Motley's Co. (Pittsylvania Artillery), light Artillery Capt. Nelson's Co., light Artillery Capt. Otey's Co., Local Defense, light Artillery Capt. Page's Co. (Magruder's light Artillery) Capt. Paris' Co. (Staunton Hill Artillery) Capt. Parker's Co., light Artillery Capt. Patteson's Co. (Campbell Battery), Heavy Artillery Capt. Pegram's Co. (Branch Field Artillery), light Artillery Capt. Penick's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Pollock's Co. (Fredericksburg Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. B. F. Price's Co. (Danville Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. ¥. H. Rice's Co. (Eighth Star Artillery; New Market Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Richardson's Co. (James City Artillery) Capt. Rives' Co. (Nelson Light Artillery) Capt. Rogers' Co. (London Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Daniel Shank's Co., Horse Artillery Capt. Shoemaker's Co. (Beauregard Rifles, Lynchburg Beauregards), Horse Artillery Capt. B. H. Smith's Co. (Third Co., Richmond Howitzers), Artillery Capt. J. D. Smith's Co. (Bedford Light Artillery) Capt. Snead's Co. (Fluvanna Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Sturdivant's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Taylor's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Thompson's Co. (Portsmouth Light Artillery) Capt. Thornton's Co. (Caroline Light Artillery) Capt. Turner's Co., light Artillery Capt. Utterback's Co., light Artillery Capt. Waters1 Co., Light Artillery Capt. Weisiger's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Wilkinson's Co. (Company A, Marion Artillery; Company A, Richmond Local Guards), Heavy Artillery Wise Legion, Artillery Capt. Wimbish's Co. (Long Island Light Artillery) Capt. Woolfoik's Co. (Ashland Light Artillery) Capt. Wright's Co. (Halifax Artillery), Heavy Artillery Capt. Young's Co. (Halifax Light Artillery) Volume: Reel 0065 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - VIRGINIA First Infantry (Williams' Rifles) First Reserves (Farinholt's) First Battalion, Reserves First State Reserves (Second Class Militia) First Reserves First Battalion (First Battalion, Virginia Regulars; Irish Battalion), Infantry First Battalion (Ordnance Battalion, Armory Battalion), Local Defense, Infantry Second Infantry Second Infantry, Local Defense Second State Reserves Second Battalion (Waller's; Quartermaster), Local Defense, Infantry Second Battalion Reserves Third Infantry Third Kanawha Regiment, Infantry Third Infantry, Local Defense Third Reserves (Booker's Regiment) Third Battalion (Archer's), Reserves Third Battalion (Chrisiran's), Reserves Third Battalion, Valley Reserves (Augusta County Reserves) Fourth Infantry Fourth Reserves (Preston's Regiment, Fifth Regiment) Fourth Battalion, Reserves Fourth Battalion, Local Defense (Naval Battalion, Navy Department Battalion), Infantry Fifth Infantry Fifth Battalion (Wilson's Battalion, Archer's Battali on), Infant ry Fifth Battalion (Arsenal Battalion), Local Defense, Infantry Fifth Battalion (Henry's Reserves) Volume: Reel 0066 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - VIRGINIA Sixth Infantry Sixth Battalion (Thirteenth Battalion; Smith's Battalion), Reserves Sixth Battalion (Tredegar's), Local Defense, Infantry Seventh Infantry Seventh Battalion (First Nitre), Local Defense, Infantry Seventh Battalion (Fifth Battalion, Valley Reserves), Reserves Eighth Infantry Eighth Battalion (First Battalion, Valley Reserves), Reserves Ninth Infantry Ninth Battalion (Second Battalion, Valley Reserves), Reserves Ninth Battalion (Hansbrough's), Infantry Ninth Militia Tenth Infantry Tenth Battalion (Fourth Battalion, Valley Reserves), Reserves Eleventh Infantry Eleventh Battalion (Fourth Battalion, Wallace's Battalion), Reserves Twelfth Infantry Thirteenth Infantry Volume: Reel 0067 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - VIRGINIA Fourteenth Infantry Fourteenth Militia Fifteenth Infantry Sixteenth Infantry (Colston's Regiment, Twenty-sixth Regiment) Seventeenth through Twenty-first Infantry Twenty-first Militia Twenty-first Battalion (Pound Gap Battalion; Thompson's Battalion, Special Service Battalion), Infantry Twenty-second Infantry (First Kanawha Regiment) Twenty-second Battalion (Second Battalion), Infantry Volume: Reel 0068 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - VIRGINIA Twenty-third Infantry Twenty-third Battalion (First Battalion, Hounshell's Battalion, Derrick's Battalion), Infantry Twenty-fourth Infantry Twenty-fifth Infantry (Heck's Regiment) Twenty-fifth Battalion (Richmond Battalion; City Battalion), Infantry Twenty-fifth Militia Twenty-sixth Infantry Twenty-sixth Battalion (Edgar's), Infantry Twenty-seventh Infantry (Sixth Infantry) Twenty-eighth Infantry Twenty-eighth Battalion (Tabb's), Infantry Twenty-ninth Infantry Thirtieth Infantry Thirtieth Battalion (First Battalion, Clarke's Battalion), Sharpshooters Thirty-first.Infantry Thirty-first Militia Volume: Reel 0069 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - VIRGINIA Thirty-second Infantry Thirty-third Infantry Thirty-fourth Infantry Thirty-fourth Militia Thirty-sixth Infantry (Second Kanawha) Thirty-seventh Infantry Thirty-seventh Militia Thirty-eighth Infantry (Pittsylvania Regiment) Thirty-ninth Infantry Thirty-ninth Militia Fortieth Infantry Forty-first Infantry Forty-first Militia Forty-second Infantry Forty-third Militia Volume: Reel 0070 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - VIRGINIA Forty-fourth Infantry Forty-fourth Battalion (Petersburg City Battalion), Infantry Forty-fifth Infantry Forty-fifth Battalion, Infantry Forty-sixth Infantry (First Regiment, Wise Legion; Second Regiment, Wise Brigade) Forty-sixth Militia Forty-seventh Infantry Forty-seventh Militia Forty-eighth through Fifty-first Infantry Fifty-first Militia Fifty-second Infantry Fifty-second Militia Fifty-third Infantry Fifty-third Militia Fifty-fourth Infantry Fifty-fourth Battalion, Infantry Fifty-fourth Militia Fifty-fifth through Fifty-seventh Infantry Volume: Reel 0071 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - VIRGINIA Fifty-eighth Infantry Fifty-eighth Militia Fifty-ninth Infantry (Second Regiment, Wise Legion) Fifty-ninth Militia Sixtieth Infantry (Third Regiment, Wise Legion) Sixty-first Infantry (Wilson's Regiment, Seventh [Wilson's] Battalion), Infantry Sixty-first Militia (Matthew's Battalion) Sixty-second Mounted Infantry (First Partisan Rangers, Sixty-second Partisan Rangers, Sixty-second Infantry, Sixty-second Cavalry, Imboden's Partisan Rangers) Sixty-third Infantry (McMahon's Regiment) Sixty-fourth Mounted Infantry (Sixty-fourth Infantry; Sixty-fourth Cavalry; Slemp's Regiment, Infantry) Sixty-fourth Militia Volume: Reel 0072 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - VIRGINIA Sixty-seventh Militia Seventy-fourth Militia Seventy-seventh Militia Seventy-ninth Militia Fjighty-second Militia Eighty-sixth Militia Eighty-seventh Militia Eighty-eighth Militia Eighty-ninth Militia Ninety-second Militia Ninety-fourth Militia Ninety-seventh Militia (Col. Mann Spitler's Militia; Second Regiment; Seventh Brigade, Militia) One Hundred and Eighth through One Hundred and Eleventh Militia One Hundred and Fourteenth Militia One Hundred and Fifteenth Militia One Hundred and Twenty-second Militia One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Militia One Hundred and Thirty-fifth Militia One Hundred and Thirty-sixth Militia (Third Regiment, Seventh Brigade, Militia) One Hundred and Forty-sixth Militia (First Regiment, Seventh Brigade, Militia) One Hundred and Fifty-first Militia One Hundred and Fifty-seventh Militia One Hundred and Sixty-second Militia One Hundred and Sixty-sixth Militia One Hundred and Eighty-eighth Militia One Hundred and Eighty-ninth Militia One Hundred and Ninetieth Militia One Hundred and Ninety-eighth Militia Averett's Battalion, Reserves Burks' Regiment, Local Defense Cohoon's Battalion (Sixth Battalion, North Carolina), Infantry French's Battalion, Infantry Montague's Battalion, Infantry Rockbridge County Reserves Tomlin's Battalion, Infantry Tuttle's Battalion, Local Defense Virginia State Line Wade's Regiment, Local Defense Capt. Avis' Co., Provost Guard Lt. Bosher's Co., Local Defense Capt, Chappell's Co. (Pickett Guard), Local Defense Capt. Clark's Co., Reserve Forces Capt. Cooper's Co., Local Defense Capt. Dulany's Co., Local Defense (Home Guards) Capt. Fjarhart's Co., Local Defense (Blacklick's Home Guards) Capt. French's Co., Local Defense Greene County Militia Capt. Gregory's Co. (High Hill Greys), Infantry Guards and Scouts, Rockingham County, Virginia Capt. Hamilton's Co., Local Defense Capt. Henderson's Co., Local Defense Capt. Hobson's Co., Second Class Militia Hood's Battalion, Reserves Capt. Hutter's Co. (Southern Guards), Infantry Capt0 Jordan's Co., Local Defense Capt. Keyser's Co., Reserves Capt. Lyneman's Co., Infantry Capt. Mallory's Co. (Provost Guard), Local Defense Capt. Mileham's Co., Infantry Lt. Morehead's Co., Local Defense Capt. Murphy's Co. Capt. Neff's Co., Local Defense (Mount Airy Home Guard) Capt. Patterson's Co., Local Defense (Home Guard, First District, Bland County) Capt. Scott's Co., Local Defense (Company A, Greensville County Home Guard) Capt. Stowers' Co., Militia Capt. Taylor's Co. (Young Guards), Volunteers Capt. Thurston's Co., Reserves Forces Wise's Battalion, Volunteers Capt. Wolff's Co., Second Class Militia Capt. Wood's Co., Local Defense Miscellaneous, Virginia Conscripts, Camp Lee, Virginia